Men’s Swimwear: A Guide to Choosing the Right Beachwear

Men’s Swimwear: A Guide to Choosing the Right Beachwear

When looking for a beachwear, what’s the most important thing to you? Is it style, practicality, modesty, or all of the three?

Whatever your preference is, there’s always something for you out there. Here’s a guide on how to choose the right men’s beachwear to get you ready for your next beach holiday.


Exploring Different Types of Men’s Beachwear


There are many types of men’s beachwear: swim trunks, swim briefs, boardshorts, square leg swimsuits, jammers and minokini. The question is which one is truly for you?

First, let’s explore what these men’s beachwear are all about.

Swim trunks

They’re the most traditional men’s swimwear, great for a trip to the pool or the beach. They’re worn by men of all age groups and perhaps are the most popular swimwear out there. They’re loose and usually fall above the knee.

Swim briefs

Also known as ‘speedos’, these body-hugging swimwear are perfect for those who want a lighter feel when swimming in both pools and oceans. They come in many styles, from full coverage bottom to a g-string.


Originally created for surfing, boardshorts can be worn by men of all age groups. They’re a great alternative to swim trunks as they usually are more roomy and comfortable. They often come in great patterns, too.

Square leg swimsuits

They look like men’s boxers and somewhere in between speedos and swim trunks. They’re perfect for men who don’t want to walk in speedos, yet want something short, tight and fitting.  


Jammers look like cycling tights and they offer more coverage than square leg swimsuits. Typically worn by competitive swimmers, jammers are also perfect for men who want tight and lightweight swimwear without having to sacrifice modesty.


They’re pretty much like women’s one-piece swimwear and they come in various styles, from full coverage at the bottom to barely-there thong.


Commonly worn for surfing, diving and snorkelling, these tight and lightweight swimwear are made of nylon. They’re unisex and especially great for both men and women who require full coverage. They’re also designed to protect its wearers from harsh sun, biting wind and chilly waters.


So which one is the best beachwear for you?


Well, that all depends on what you’re looking for.

If you prefer something casual that doesn’t show much skin, swim trunks and boardshorts are your best picks. They’re also great for surfing. And you can walk in them comfortably anywhere near the beach, even when you’re not at the beach anymore!

If you’re looking for something super light, body hugging and sexy, then swim briefs or square leg swimsuits would be perfect for you. They’re pretty much like bikinis!

If you want to cover as much skin as possible (for cultural and modesty reasons), then it would be best for you to go for wetsuits or jammers. Wetsuits are also essentially great for individuals who need extra protection from the sun.


Style, Material, Patterns, Sizing and Functionality


As discussed earlier, the types of beachwear matter to a lot of people. Of course, there are other aspects to consider, too, such as the material, patterns, sizing and special features.

The three important characteristics of a good beachwear:

  • Fits any body type (skinny, big, tall or small)
  • Dries fast (so you won’t feel wet and cold after you’re out of the water!)
  • Feels good on your skin (in other words, comfortable!)

Your body type and size play an important role in helping you determine what beachwear would suit you best. Below are some tips:


Short men

Anything baggy is a no-no as it makes you look like you’re wearing your dad’s shorts. Short legs, short shorts. Remember that.  

Anything at your mid-thigh area is good. Not only would your legs appear longer, they also help you show off your beautiful legs, in case you’ve been working hard trying to tone up your legs at the gym!

As for colours, choose something that suits your skin tone. If you have light skin, you should avoid light colours. You don’t want to drown in your shorts.

Try avoiding big patterns or any eye-grabbing statement as they might look overwhelming on your beachwear. Subtle prints are great as they always appear simple yet stylish.

Do consider wearing beachwear that have stripes as they can make you look taller.


Tall men

Wear shorts that are longer than the shorts recommended for short men, but don’t wear anything below the knee.

Go for a design with a drawstring to create a contrast against the leanness of your body.

Dark colours and floral prints would look good on you, too.


Skinny men

Fitted beach shorts would suit you best as they reduce the amount of material that would hang loosely or cling to your legs when wet.

If you’re wearing boardshorts, having a button side fastener instead of a basic string and elastic waistband is better as a string tie can look ill fitting when being constricted. It would also highlight your slender stature.

Big prints work really well on you as they would make you look bigger.

Try to avoid light coloured prints as they would make you look skinny, especially when wet. Go for dark or bold colours instead.


For big men

Wear dark, solid colours such as black, navy blue, or shades of charcoal and grey. As dark colours usually don’t draw a lot of attention, people will less likely notice your midsection.

If you’re wearing boardshorts, consider horizontal striped patterns as they’ll make you look thinner, not wider. And make sure your shorts are above the knee.


Other useful things to remember:

  • Change your beachwear every couple of years as they’ll get worn out eventually.
  • Widen your options. Don’t settle for anything that doesn’t meet your needs. Before buying your beachwear, ask yourself what activities you’ll be doing at the beach, if you’re going to be exposed to the sun for a long time, how much leg movement are you going to do, if appearance extremely matters to you, etc.
  • Don’t wear anything uncomfortable. At the end of the day, your beachwear has to suit you to a tee. Most importantly, it has to make you feel good and confident at the beach.

Hope this helps!




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