Strong Liftwear Clothing and Accessories for Your Active Lifestyle

Do you workout on a regular basis? Whether you exercise indoors or in the outdoors, it’s essential that your workout clothing is practical and comfortable. Match it with the right accessories to get you fully ready for training.


If style and comfort are what you’re looking for, then you’re going to love Strong Liftwear (SLW), an Australian clothing brand that offers vibrant and innovative clothes and accessories for active lifestyle enthusiasts.


From men’s and women’s tops to unisex gym bags, there’s a wide variety of stylish apparel and accessories to suit your active lifestyle.

Strong Liftwear for Men


Whether you like something loose, body fitting, colourful or simple, there’s always something for you here. SLW offers a wide range of men’s gym apparel and accessories that are also great as casual wear in the outdoors.


Sleeveless and singlets


Choose from any of SLW sleeveless and singlets that feature regular and low necks, t-back and mid-width back, small and big prints. They come in different colours, from bright to dark, and sized between S and XXL.


They’re all made of CoolTech material, with some of them blent with natural fibres like cotton in their composition. CoolTech material is antimicrobial. That means you won’t have to worry about odours even during the most intense workouts. It will keep you dry at all times and protect you from UV rays.


If you like something that emphasises your upper mass, go for the Fleck Boulder Sleeveless Hoodie.


Prices range from $20 to $55.




SLW tees are carefully cut and designed to fit men of all body types. Made from high quality cotton, these comfortable and durable tees work great as both gym wear and casual wear.


Choose from body hugging to loose tees that are breathable and lightweight thanks to its CoolTech material. They come in bright and dark colours, from plain white to strikingly bright green.


If you’re a bodybuilder who wants something that accentuates your muscularity, go for the short-sleeved Binary Tee. If you prefer something that covers your hands, the Seamless Long Sleeves Tee is a great choice.


Prices range from $15 to $60.



You’re going to love the ‘Lift Shorts’. They’re excellent for everyday use.


Versatile and comfortable, these shorts come in light, bright and dark colours to suit men of different skin tones. Most of these shorts have a waist drawstring and pockets big enough to fit a mobile phone. The MeshTech Mid Shorts, however, comes without any of that stuff.


Cotton and polyester are mainly used in making these shorts, which means the shorts are soft, flexible, lightweight and moisture-wicking.


Prices range from $20 to $60.


Seamless and compression


Shape is what makes SLW compression gear different from any other in the market. Designed for bodybuilders and those who wish to build an aesthetic shape, the brand’s compression wear features good quality tapered tops, bottoms and calf room.


Designed to give bodybuilders enough support while training without feeling restricted, the compression wear is super light, durable and stretchable.


Check out the Flex Compression Pants. They’re great for squats! They even have inside and outside pockets that can easily be pulled through an embroidered hole. Simply match them with any training singlet or tee to complete your gym look.


Long sleeves are also available in sizes ranging from S to XXL. They’re body hugging and flexible.


The round neck tees look elegant, hence they make the perfect casual wear. If you’re looking for something to jog in, go for the FreeFlex Long Sleeve Tee (or hoodie) to keep you warm, especially when the weather gets chilly outside.


Prices range from $40 to $60.



To lifters and active lifestyle enthusiasts who love to be in the outdoors, SLW hoodies will not let you down. They come in both light and dark colours and sizes ranging from S to XXL.


The hoodies come in both plain-simple and funky patterns.


If you want full coverage for your upper and lower body, go for their long sleeves. If you have muscular arms and you don’t mind showing them off, the sleeveless hoodies will suit you best.


Using materials like CoolTech, cotton and polyester blend, these multi-purpose hoodies are going to keep you cool and dry always. Wear them to the gym, in the outdoors, even at home.


If you’re looking for hoodies with zippered pockets, go for the MeshTech Training Hoodie.


If you want to emphasise your upper mass, the Fleck Boulder Sleeveless Hoodie is a great choice for you. Not only will it make you look good, it’s guaranteed to never shrink in the wash. It’ll last for years!


Prices range from $30 to $85.


Training pants


Whether you’re a lifter or not, SLW training pants are going to impress you. Since they’re stylish, they also make a great casual wear. They come in light and dark colours, ranging from size S to XXL.


Some of the training pants are plain, while some have stripes and cool prints. If you want pants that are above the knee, then you should go for the MeshTech ¾ training pants — available in black, burgundy, navy and camo.


The long training pants are mainly made from cotton and lycra — stretchable and soft on the skin.


Check out the Prime Training Pants. They have zippered pockets that are dust-resistant and waterproof to ensure that even during the most intense squat sessions, your valuables will always stay clean and dry.


Prices range from $80 to $50.



What makes the ultimate lifting shoes? They need to be high quality, sturdy, comfortable and reliable! SLW offers shoes in bright colours to motivate you, especially during bodybuilding.


The Hurricane Gym Shoes are made of leather and designed to keep you comfortable and supported all day. Their semi-flat soles are meant to help you stay fully connected during the most intense squats. Highly recommended for both cardio and weight lifting.


Price: $125

Strong Liftwear for Women


The women’s department has tons of stylish, sexy and high quality workout wear and accessories to complement your body shape. They can also be worn outside of the gym.




SLW hoodies are going to be your favourite wear at the gym. They’re designed for strong women who want to embrace fitness in luxurious materials with an edgy design.


Available in various colours and patterns, these cropped hoodies are made to fit your body perfectly, enhance your curves and define your style. Both long sleeves and sleeveless are available in size XS, S, M and L. For a more feminine look, go for hoodies in light colours.


All hoodies are made from CoolTech material. Wear them when you’re training cardio or weights at the gym, or during summer.


Prices range from $55 to $65.




Wear them wherever your exercise takes you — the gym, beach, even your own home. These shorts are suitable for cardio, weights and yoga. They come in different styles: v, booty, lift and strong.


The lift and strong shorts come in one-colour and two-colour varieties. If you prefer body hugging shorts, go for the v and booty shorts. All shorts are made from cotton and polyester blend.


Available in size XS, S, M and L.


Prices range from $25 to $45.


Sports bras and crops


SLW sports bras and crops will support you throughout your workouts. They’ll make you feel pretty, too!


The Two-tone sports bras are especially wonderful for women who are proud of their busts and aren’t shy to flaunt their curves. Their supportive wide straps are designed to give full support during workouts and create a ‘V’ shape across the back. They wick moisture and can resist the growth of bacteria. Their paddings are removable for easy washing.


The Essential Racer sports bras also share similar characteristics as the Two-tone sports bras, except that they only have one tone colour. And they’re a great choice for women who prefer a t-back.


The Snake design (available in two colours) has a fashionable x-back and is suitable for women who prefer more back straps. For a similar style, try the Island design. It’s more colourful, though. If you don’t prefer that, check out the Jet Black design.It’s very sexy and is suitable for the gym or the beach.


For a more boyish look, go for the Cropped Hoodies, or the Ladies SLW Giraffe Crop Tops which are made from CoolTech material.  


Prices range from $37 to $55.


Training pants


Made from high quality materials, these training pants are built to last. They’re not see through and definitely stretchable. They come in two styles: ¾ and full-lengths.


The ¾ pants are available in five colours: grey, green camo, burgundy and black.


The full-length pants are figure hugging and are made from polyester blend. All of them, except the compression pants, come with pockets and a waist drawstring. They can be worn all year round.


Consider buying the compression pants as they’re anti-bacterial, sweat-wicking and quick-drying. They’re absolutely sexy, too. Available in size XS, S, M and L only.


Prices range from $65 to $85.



If you’re looking for sexy, body hugging leggings that are simple and stylish or funky and colourful, SLW has your back.


All SLW leggings are basically compressions pants. They come in ¾ and full-length varieties.


If you like pocket leggings, then you’ll love the ¾ Premier Black Leopard Compression Pants. Love cute animal prints? Then go for the Safari Compression Pants. The fusion compression pants are also very eye-catching. But if you prefer leggings that are rather plain, go for the heather grey compression pants instead.


All SLW leggings are made from polyester blend, which means you can rest assured that they’re sweat-wicking and quick drying. The leggings are also anti-bacterial and are purposely stitched to flatter your figure.


The Element design has a mesh paneling to allow ventilation and improve sweat evaporation.


All leggings come in size XS, S, M and L only.


Prices range from $60 to $90.




To perform at what you do, you need a pair of good shoes.


SLW women’s shoes are designed to bring comfort and performance together so active women (like you) can continue doing what you do. Keep calm and work your body!


The Hurricane Gym shoes comes in two colours:


  • plain white
  • black and pink


The shoes are tailored to be the ‘everyday’ performance gym shoes. Just like the men’s Hurricane gym shoes, they feature a semi-flat sole to support you even during the most intense squats. They’re made of leather, hand-stitched and embroidered with SLW logo.


To give you extra comfort, the shoe has a thick and soft tongue.


Price: $125


Strong Liftwear Unisex Accessories


SLW offers wonderful accessories to both men and women so they can style them with their SLW outfits. Besides, these accessories come in handy at the gym.




SLW offers day backpacks that are big enough to keep your gym items. All of the backpacks have the same design except that they come in different colours. They’re all made of hexalite honeycomb material and are only available in one size which is size S.


There are several different compartments for you to store your gym belts, straps, hoodie, shoes and other personal belongings. There are also side pockets available for keeping drinking bottles or shakers.


The shoulders straps are padded and adjustable for better comfort. The backpacks even have a laptop compartment. How cool is that?


Each backpack costs $50.


If you prefer to carry your gym bag using one hand or put it on your shoulder, then why not go for the carbon fibre carry bag?


Selling at $75, this carry bag has padded carry handles and a few compartments to keep your gym belongings. It also comes with a zippered front pocket for quick access to small items such as keychains, coins and cards.


The carry bag is perhaps the better choice for female gym enthusiasts since it’s more elegant than backpacks.


If you’re serious about lifting, the S|LIFT Leather Lifting Belts are a gym must-haves. They’re designed to support and protect your lower back from injury.


What they do is they reduce the amount of stress placed on your back when lifting. Their edges are stitched twice to increase their durability.


Available in size S, M, L and XL. Get them now for $79 each.


Straps and wraps


Selling at just $25, the PRO Grip Lifting Straps are designed to give you better grip on bars. Use them for exercises like deadlift, bent over row, lat pulldown, one arm row and many more. Highly recommended on those days when you’re feeling like pushing yourself to the limits.


These 25 cm straps are made of nylon and thick cotton to ensure that you’ll get more comfort and durability. They come with a velcro closure to ensure that you won’t need to worry about adjusting your straps so you can do weightlifting with less distractions.


Only available in one size.


Visit https://www.strongliftwear.com now to start shopping!


Disclaimer: Prices shown are true as of the day this article was written and may change from time to time.



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