Different Makeup Styles to Match with Trendy Clothing

Different Makeup Styles to Match with Trendy Clothing

Makeup a face art that not all women are able to master. In fact, some men are so good at it that they, like professional female makeup enthusiasts, become makeup artists!


But you don’t have to be a makeup artist to apply makeup on your face for casual or formal settings. Do it yourself if you can.


Unless you want to look different from your everyday makeup look, then you may need to hire a professional makeup artist to help you get that look. Your makeup artist will also create makeup effects to match with your clothes.


Okay, but what if you want to do it yourself? How will you know what makeup styles will be suitable for your clothes?


Whether you are a fashion blogger looking to create inspiring fashion look, or just someone with good fashion taste who wants to look fresh and vibrant always, here is a guide to choosing the right makeup styles to match trending clothing.


Natural Makeup


Need to go out in the morning for grocery shopping? There’s no need for too much makeup early in the day. A natural makeup will do.


You can still look good without getting out of the house looking like you just woke up or not showered yet.


Natural makeup is great for individuals who:


  • Go out to work.
  • Need to run errands.
  • Are off to the park, even to the gym.


You might be thinking why would anyone put on makeup when going to the park for a jog or the gym to workout. Why not?


These people want to look good. Who knows, they might want to stop by the coffee house to meet their friends after that.


After all, natural makeup does not very much change someone’s natural beauty. Instead, it highlights their natural beauty and makes them look even more attractive.


With natural makeup, you will still look like you, but with less visible dark circles, better groomed brows, or rosier and shinier lips. Some people look very pale without makeup. Therefore, a natural makeup will give them a more lively and enhanced appearance.


The best thing about natural makeup is that it is very suitable for almost any kind of style. While it is acceptable to wear something plain and simple, it is always better to go for clothes that are more colourful or attractive.


You can still look good even without intriguing clothing print or design. Match your clothing with appealing accessories such as necklaces, earrings or belts. Or anything glittery, but simple.


For office work, choose formal attires with classic, elegant cuts and colours that will make you look stunning and professional. You can also get inspiration from your hair colour or skin tone.


Whether you have fair or dark skin, pick a makeup tone that is the closest to your skin colour. If you have bright colour hair, you could match it with a darker eye makeup to create more balanced makeup effects.


Natural makeup is also perfect for you if you are always out travelling. When on the road, you don’t want to spend too much time putting on makeup because you should maximise your time for travelling, right?


If you are an avid traveller, you will likely wear light clothing that are neither too plain nor too striking. Jumpsuits or playsuits are excellent wears for travelling. They are light and although simple, they will look stylish when paired with cool accessories. They are trendy and they get along well with natural makeup!


Evening Makeup


Evening makeup is heavier than the natural makeup. It is suitable for parties and corporate events. The best thing about it is that it will dramatically enhance your natural beauty and make you stand out in the crowd and under bright lightings.


Your evening makeup needs to complement your outfit. For example, if you put on an elegant black dress and a pair of red shoes, the best colours for your makeup are bright red and dark shades; they are both strong colours that will enhance your eyes and appearance. Put on red lipstick to create a sexy, alluring lip effect.


But night makeup does not always need to be bold, strong colours. Light shades are fine, too, especially if you are already wearing a light colour outfit.


What if you have a punk style and you still want to look cute? Well, take Avril Lavigne’s fashion taste as an inspiration. The Canadian singer always has dark eyeliners and pink lipgloss matched with her punk-style clothing.


No matter what she wears, Avril will always match her makeup with her outfits. When she’s wearing red, she matches it with red eyeshadows. But when she puts on a black t-shirt, she will match it with dark eyeshadows and pink lipsticks. When she’s on the red carpet wearing a pink top, she enhances her eye makeup with flattering false red eyelashes and wine red eyeshadow.


If you’re wearing something simple but elegant, you can create shimmery eyes effects that will enhance the look. Avoid this makeup style when you’re already wearing something bright and glittery, unless you have to; you don’t want to look like a disco ball.


Also, try the mod smokey eye makeup style, a 60s inspired mod eyeshadow that will definitely get all heads turned to you.


At the end of the day, your evening makeup and outfit must be able to create a statement and get you noticed.


Fancy Dress Makeup


What comes to your mind when someone mentions fancy dress makeup? You might think about cool Halloween or character makeup, but there’s definitely more to it. Think of Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Cardi B.


These queens sure know how to play around with fancy dress makeup and they always look good in it. This is the kind of makeup you should explore for your next party. It involves bright, eye-catching colours and sometimes exaggerated effects. Most importantly, the makeup result must mix well with everything, from hairstyle to outfit.


Bronze smokey eyes, sexy gilded cat eyes, and shimmery eyes are the typical eye makeup styles that will look good for your fancy dress night out.


No, fancy makeup is not about looking “odd”, but it is about looking extraordinary. The good news you don’t need to be a stage performer to look great in fancy makeup. Another artist who deserves recognition for this type of makeup is Yolandi Visser from Die Antwoord.


Yolandi has a funky and unique style, which makes her a popular fashion icon all around the world. Like many female rappers, she wears bright and funky clothing with cool patterns.


Her makeup is rather simple, and although considered as a fancy dress makeup, it can also be considered as a natural makeup since it does not change her looks much.


Since it’s almost Halloween, why not check out Yolandi’s makeup effects? The best thing about them is that they are cool enough on their own; no Halloween costume needed.


Which of this makeup styles do you like the most? If you need help with your makeup, hire a professional makeup artist to help you achieve the look you want, because the compliments and beautiful pictures you get are going to be worth every penny.


Fanny is a makeup artist based in Malaysia and Indonesia. She often writes interesting article about fashion, cosmetics and trendy makeup style on her blog.

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