How to optimize SEO for an eCommerce store.

The biggest questions when it comes to eCommerce scaling strategy, how to optimize eCommerce SEO?

Well, before we dive into the nitty-gritty of technical expect which you can find from the web, I will just make it simple with two-phase of optimization.


1.On page.


SEO on page, this means every optimization effort that focused on fixing and improving the website for good user experience is considered as on page.


10 years ago, SEO on page is just merely about providing good H1 tags, title, content, and structures.


However, SEO on the page now is about user experience. How do they consume your content, do they read more about your articles and browse another category?


These are all about providing good user experience and mind you, Google is able to track and determine how people behave your website. Google knows everything.


2.Off Page.


Google off page is everything related to how well is your brand performing on the web. This is measured using some metrics such as brand mentions, articles, press releases and other blogger mentioned about your brand.


As a good eCommerce brand in general, you have to strike a balance between Onpage and Offpage.


What is retargeting sequence and why eCommerce should implement?


Do you know, that first time user that see your ads will not buy from you. It’s almost 95% of people who clicked on your website will not buy immediately.


No, don’t blame your marketing person for not able to perform a miracle on your FB ads. You should blame yourself for not understanding well about how your sales cycle perform.


Let me guide you through the typical sales cycle of Cold, Warm and Hot strategy below here.


  1. Cold

The cold audience, AKA stranger audience is your real key to scaling your eCommerce.


Do not expect them to buy from you, but it’s good that if they actually click on your ads and stop by your website to see what you have to offer.


If you know very well that they will become warmer, then you should invest more time to get the cheapest clicks on a cold audience and create a good user experience for them at this stage.


  1. Warm


The warm audience, your low hanging fruit strategy.


People who fall under the warm category is literally people who checked on your facebook page, engaged with your post, send you messages on your messenger or even share something on your Facebook page.


The beauty about Facebook Ads marketing is that you are able to turn these warm audience into a bigger pool of audience using their lookalike functionality.


It worked very well because Facebook will be able to match their buying and browsing behavior and give you a big pool of audience that is similar to the set of audience that you already have.


  1. Hot


The hot audience is the best audience that will convert like hot cakes. If you have done a proper job at Cold to Warm, you will see the flood gate of traffic that comes through your funnel and convert very well.


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